What’s old but still used on the daily basis? Mason Jars! According to fruend supply the Mason jar creation was another way to preserve food for the war. In response to Bonaparte’s widespread request, a confectioner Nicolas Appert created the canning jar. His process involved sealing food inside the jar through heating and cooling. Wax and wire provided a messy, unreliable lid. In 1858, John Mason patented his design for a glass jar that sealed tightly via a threaded zinc cap and jar mouth, this makes the process easier and parts reusable. No one would have ever thought that more than twenty years later this would be a huge phenomenal to human society. There is so many ways to use this jar and so many creations. This jar is becoming a main stream and a must have for your homes on the daily basis.
So how did this phenomenal even became this huge must have? Who market this how is it a must have why is it a must have and who promotes it’s? I know from my own personal analysis the Mason jar popularity came around spring. So climate had something to do with the timing of it. According to democratsandchronicle “What better than a Mason jar to spread the gospel of the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle)? At the University of Massachusetts Amherst this falls, incoming students this year will receive their own Mason jar water with EcoJars stainless steel lids and straws, along with required reading of No Impact Man, Colin Beavan’s memoir of sustainable living.” The three R’s is something I can see a lot of people rave about, I can also see why that would make mason jar a pop culture phenomenal, especially since the world is trying to transition to going green reduce your money, reuse your glass and once you are finish recycle it, My own slogan for the mason jar. I’ve also notice that moonshine has been using them for a very long time. There company might have sparked some great ideas on using them for beverage usage. The agenda setting theory play in with this phenomenal very well. Moonshine commercial also uses mason jars. Moonshine is not the only company that uses this but it is a mainstream company that display it as it niche. Here is moonshine commercial..
Something that caught my attention is the Mason jar salad. This salad is a new way to make a salad, and preserve your vegetables with the dressing inside. When I first seen this, it was in a cosmopolitan magazine stating “mason jar salad is the new go to lunch” At the time I never heard of it ,in that particular form. This is another agenda setting theory, it makes you think, and crave more. So I googled the famous Mason jar salad and there were a lot of different recipes and ways to stack it properly. Here are a lot of different recipes on this blog called organizeyourselfskinny . I personally tried it myself and it wasn’t so successful but that doesn’t stop people for loving it.

There are a lot of creative innovations that contains mason jars, for example you can make a mason jar a candle or instead of storing food you can store glitter and flowers for decorations. You want to have a 50s theme party? great grab a few mason jars, and use them to make your favorite root beer float or spiked punch. You want a chandelier, but can’t afford it? don’t worry mason jars to the rescue! This obsession is not only good for your home but it’s great for your pockets. Here is some more ideas on pinnterest

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